Everything is kept completely confidential.

*To ensure confidentiality, please always use your own personal email when corresponding
with a Women’s Advocate Representative. Do not use your work email.*

Yolanda Cornwall
(Unifor Women’s Advocate – Local 2002 Central Region)
Email: yolanda@unifor2002.org
Phone: 519-280-5134

Telegram News Channel:

A Women’s Advocate is a specially trained workplace representative who assists women with concerns such as workplace harassment, intimate violence, abuse, suicide prevention, depression, pregnancy, stress, separation and divorce.

The Women’s Advocate is not a counsellor but rather provides support for women accessing community and workplace resources.


May 12 2022 – Moose Hide Campaign Day


Unifor is pairing up with the Moose Hide Campaign to promote the national Moose Hide Campaign Day.

Moose Hide Campaign Day is a day of ceremony. It’s a day where all Canadians are called to join together to take a stand against violence towards women and children and to take practical steps for our collective journey of reconciliation.

Unifor has invited representatives from the Moose Hide Campaign to come talk about the initiative, and encourage Unifor members to support the campaign.

Register online for the Monday, May 9 webinar.

Open to all Unifor members.

March 21 is International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination



International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equality.



– Webinars related to mental health, human rights, activism, women’s leadership, health & safety, workers’ rights, public pension programs and politics ensure that issues important to our members remain in the forefront.
– Webinars are being added to the Education schedule all the time. This includes information on the Women’s Advocate program. They are free to participants by registering at https://onlineeducation.unifor.org/ Check the schedule here.

Etobicoke, Toronto. Supports women and their children in their right to live free from violence and abuse. 

To find a shelter within Ontario.

The Ontario Association of Interval & Transition Houses is a coalition of first stage emergency women’s shelters, 2nd stage housing organizations and community-based women organizations who work towards ending violence against all women. We achieve this through training, education, advocacy, public awareness and government relations. Our individual member organizations offer a range of supports, services and advocacy for women and their children fleeing violence.

Resources within Ontario.

Why Gun Control Is A Women’s Issue

Research consistently shows that women are more likely than men to be killed by an intimate partner and that guns are the most commonly used weapon in such killings. This is even more evident in rural intimate femicides.

Shooting is the most common method in intimate femicides. On average, one in three women killed by their husbands are shot; most (80%) of them with legally owned rifles and shotguns. One of the strongest risk factors for women remains whether the perpetrator has access to a gun and perpetrator’s previous threat with a weapon.

To learn more please visit https://www.triggerchange.ca/

Domestic Violence Video:

This is a personal video interview with Allen Sawkins, the surviving spouse of Tony McNaughton who was killed when intervening in a domestic violence incident at work in 2000. The video contains emotional content and may be difficult to watch. We would like to thank Allen for sharing his personal story and raising awareness about this issue.