MAY 1-6 2023


From May 1st to May 5th, 2023, workplaces across North America will celebrate Safety and Health Week (formally known as NAOSH – North America Occupational Safety and Heath week) with activities that raise awareness of the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

Coincidently, May 1st to May 7th is also Mental Health Week in Canada giving us an opportunity for us to talk, learn and engage in matters related to our physical and mental health. Workplace safety and mental awareness are vital to our overall wellbeing and notably since each of these special weeks perfectly align, it is the optimal time to remind us of the importance of committing, creating, and sustaining a safe and healthy workplace.

All Safety and Health week activities will be set up at the H & S booth, located on the Ground level, across from the Radio Room. Employees are encouraged to participate and learn more about health and safety in the workplace, what you can do to help improve safety and mental health awareness and how to work smarter to prevent injury to yourself, your colleagues, and customers.


MAY 01 2023: “WELLNESS MONDAY “ (1000-1800)

MAY 02 2023: “SAFETY TUESDAY” (1000-1800)

  • Information on Health and Safety
  • Safety related word puzzles, games, and fun contests


  • Meet your YYZHub H&S Representatives
  • Quizzes, games, GTAA Heart Cart
  • UBY representatives and promotional merchandise

MAY 04 2023: “SAFETY, SECURITY, SOP THURSDAY” (1000-1800)

  • Joint table with GTAA
  • Name the critical 7, awareness of safety programs and reporting (name the methods of reporting/ first aid kit contents) and contests

MAY 05 2023: “FOD WALK FRIDAY” (1000-1130)

  • Joint FOD Walk with the GTAA 1000-1130 – Keeping the airside safe from Foreign Objects and Debris
  • Pre-registration is required – Please reach out to your Local H&S Committee (email: safety@yyzd301.com)
  • Meeting place will be the 120 Domestic Bus Bay (D30)