While some may be very familiar with expense claims some of you may not, in order to make things easier for everyone who needs to submit expense claims we have drawn up this quick guideline.

Your regional VP will have an expense claim specific to your region that they can forward you. If they have not already done so please reach out to them.

In the attached claim example, the columns/boxes highlighted in yellow are mandatory and all are to be filled out (where applicable). The boxes highlighted in blue are not mandatory if you have already provided this information to the Finance department on a previous claim.

The Amount/Total columns will auto calculate the amounts that are in the preceding boxes so you do not need to do any of the final calculations as long as you have the correct information input.

REPORT DATE: Date you are completing/submitting your claim

Often when a claim is opened you may not be on the top line of the claim, please make sure you start your input on line 6

DATE FORMAT: dd/mmm/yy =   30/Jun/23   (please make sure that your dates are in sequential order starting from the oldest to most recent.)

CITY:   Where event occurred

HOTEL:  In most cases not applicable as the Local takes the responsibility of hotel bookings, so it would be left blank. This would only be claimed in the rare event that you have had to pay for your hotel in which case you would enter the amount paid for room incl tax and attach the hotel receipt/folio to your email.

TRANSPORTATION/PARKING/FUEL: If you have had to take a taxi, pay for parking or paid for a car rental and gas ( requires advance approval ) you would enter the dollar amount paid and attach the receipts to support the expense

KM’S: If claiming mileage having attended a meeting/training you would enter the total amount of kms to and from the event:

  • On a day off you are entitled to claim full mileage
  • If on a scheduled day that you have been cleared off on union time you may submit a claim for any kms driven above your normal drive to the workplace IE: home to work  is 20 kms each way, the meeting you are going to is 25 kms each way you can claim the addition 5 kms each way. In this case you would enter “10”

Phone: Again in most cases this column is not applicable, so it would be left blank. Advance approval is required.

MEALS/PER DIEM: To be claimed as per our expense policy. The amounts listed in the column header are the out of town per diems. If you are attending an intown event over 6 hours and there is no meal provided you may claim a $40 flat rate amount. If you are out of town and you have more than one amount to claim (ie breakfast/25 and dinner/50 ) you can input as follows +25+50  this will then show the total amount claimed but finance will be able to see the breakdown if they click on the box

OTHER: Rarely used, but would be applicable to be used by a DC in the event there is an office supply expense that was preapproved by their VP

CODE 1: Company paid 
CODE 2: Day off union paid /
CODE 3: Sked day on cleared on union time

If you are on a PT shift and been cleared for your shift to attend a full day training/meeting for example would fill out 2 lines for the same event one showing your PT as code 3 and the second line showing the additional hours as code 2 ( to be paid) or code 3 (time taken in lieu in which case you would show in the reason box that it is in lieu and what dates are being taken )

# OF HOURS:  straight forward

RATE OF PAY: only need to fill if on code 2 and being paid by the Local for the time …. Local’s hourly rate is $25 per hour

REASON FOR EXPENSE: Please make sure that this is filled out as detailed and concisely as possible ie:  putting “meeting” as the reason doesn’t allow the finance department to properly attribute the amount within their accounts …. please make sure you take the time to explain ie: D101 Leadership Meeting … or … if you are taking a course at Port Elgin use ie: PEL – GHWL (the course name) …. Or at a conference use ie: Prairie Council …. Or for Bargaining specify what part of bargaining ie: Bargaining (proposals / prep /active / ratifiaction) as some CBA’s allow for a specific number of days in the bargaining process to be paid by the company as Code 1 and helps finance to better allocate the expense.  You do not need to breakdown meal explanations as they are under the per diem amounts

Please make sure you fill out the appropriate personal information at the bottom of the sheet under Title/Position please advise your Union role not your workplace title. You do not need to have a physical signature if the original claim is coming from your personal email we will accept that as your signature.

You will need to fill out the claim number using the following format:


( 356 = District nbr / CP = your initials / 2023 = year of claim / -01 = nbr of claim in that year )

Once the claim has been filled out please save it on your computer in excel format If you are not sure how to do so{ file ( top left ) .. save as .. this PC … Documents/desktop … claim # (over type in file name box)  … save}

To submit please send an email to your regional VP, their email address should be at the bottom right of the claim sheet, with the completed excel form and any pertinent receipts attached to the email using the following format in your subject line:


356JD2023-01 Jane Doe – PEL GHWL – 13-16 May – D356 Leadership meeting 25May

( claim nbr –  your name – event(s) – date of event )

You do not need to copy/send your claim to Finance as they cannot action anything until your approver has approved the claim.

If you have any questions or need any further clarification you can reach out to your regional  VP or myself.


Union reps within the Central Region listed below should use the above excel expense claim form.

  • 300 – Air Canada – Call Centre
  • 301 – Air Canada – YYZ Airport
  • 302 – Air Canada – YOW Airport
  • 304 – Air Canada – CJM

Other regional union reps should use the “General Excel Expense Form” below.


Central Region

  • 300 – Air Canada – Call Centre
  • 301 – Air Canada – YYZ Airport
  • 302 – Air Canada – YOW Airport
  • 304 – Air Canada – CJM
  • 310 – Cargo Airport Services (WFS)
  • 318 – Swissport – YYZ
  • 326 – Pivot Airlines (Air Georgian)
  • 333 – GTAA
  • 340 – ATS
  • 344 – Ornge
  • 352 – Canadian North
  • 356 – ASP
  • 361 – Porter Ramp
  • 362 – Porter CSR
  • 363 – Porter FBO
  • 370 – Elite Line Services (Jervis B. Webb)
  • 381 – Nasittuq

Pacific Region

  • 101 – Air Canada – YVR Airport
  • 104 – Aeroplan – YVR
  • 108 – Swissport – YVR
  • 180 – CLS Catering
  • 199 – Flair Air

Western Region

  • 201 – Air Canada – YWG Airport
  • 203 – Air Canada – Customer Relations
  • 205 – Air Canada – YYC Airport
  • 206 – Air Canada – YEG Airport
  • 226 – Canadian North
  • 240 – ATS
  • 251 – Canadian North (First Air / 7F)
  • 253 – Canadian North (First Air / 7F)
  • 298 – Perimeter

Eastern Region

  • 400 – Air Canada – Call Centre
  • 401 – Air Canada – YUL Airport
  • 404 – Aeroplan
  • 410 – Cargo Airport Services (WFS)
  • 412 – Air Canada – In-Flight Crew Scheduling
  • 413 – Air Canada – Flight Operations Crew Scheduling
  • 418 – Swissport – YUL
  • 421 – Propair
  • 430 – Pascan
  • 474 – Swissport – YQB

Atlantic Region

  • 500 – Air Canada – YHZ Airport
  • 501 – Air Canada – YYT Airport
  • 508 – Air Canada – Call Centre
  • 510 – EVAS Air
  • 520 – Hilton Saint John

Jazz Aviation

  • 611 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YCD/YQQ/YXY/YYJ
  • 613 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YCG/YKA/YLW/YYF
  • 614 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YVR/YXC/YXS/YXT
  • 615 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YMM/YQU/YXJ/YYC/YZF
  • 616 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YQR/YXE
  • 617 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YCG/YXU
  • 618 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YTZ/YYZ
  • 619 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YAM/YQT/YSB/YTS
  • 620 – Jazz CSA/ACS – YBG/YQB/YUL/YUY/YZV
  • 622 – Jazz Crew Sked
  • 711 – Jazz Line Maintenance – YVR
  • 712 – Jazz Line Maintenance – YYC/YEG/YWG
  • 714 – Jazz Line Maintenance – YUL/YOW/YQB
  • 715 – Jazz Technical Services
  • 716 – Jazz Line Maintenance – YYZ/YHZ

This section applies mostly to UNION REPS submitting expense claims while on union business. Please do not submit a form unless directed by the Local Union Office or Vice President. Kindly review the PDF guides above and if you need further assistance please contact your Vice President.

Expense claims are to be sent to the Vice President for approval:

Saúl Santiago Nolasco – Vice President (Local 2002 Central Region)

Once the Vice President approves the expense claim, it goes to Secretary Treasurer office for processing. It might take up to 14 days for your claim to be process:

Charlotte Pape – Secretary Treasurer (Local 2002 Central Region)