The company and the Bargaining Representative will meet on February 1st and August 1st of each year to determine the vacancies and staff requirements for the purpose of actioning reciprocal requests for transfers and changes of status. Reciprocal transfers and changes of status vacancies will be declared whenever there is a matching request between employees in like locations. Selection will be base on seniority.

Examples of reciprocal transfer request:
1. YUL Airport to YYZ Airport

Examples of reciprocal transfer not for consideration (if the employees requires further training):
1. CJM to YYZ Airport
2. RES to YYZ Airport

HOW TO APPLY: Employees place their transfer request through AERONET > HR Connex > eTransfer

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Employees must have their eTransfer request in the system before the company takes a snapshot of the transfer list for reciprocal transfers. Employees are recommended to place their transfers before February 1st or August 1st.

NOTIFICATION: If approved for a transfer, employee will be notified through their company email and will have 24hrs (starting from the time the email was sent) to complete the form and return it to the company and CC Harold Bateman, Bargaining Rep at hbateman@unifor2002.org.

Note: If an employee decline or fails to response to an offer, they are not eligible for the same type of request for 12 months. Also an employee with a residency clause must complete their time before their request can be actioned or for consideration.

EFFECTIVE DATE: Approximately on March 1st or September 1st

NOTE: NEW HIRE must serve a 12 months residency before they are allowed to transfer to another location or base (Location = Airport, CJM, Reservation | BASE = YUL, YVR, YYZ etc…). Exception: Employees are allow to request to change to a different status (Part-time or Full-time) within the current location (example; Toronto Airport PT request to Toronto Airport FT and vice versa).