H&S – GTAA Health & Safety Reporting

Proactive concerns, and employee injury, illness or near-misses

Scan this code (or fill out the Reporting Form) to report proactive safety concerns, like wet or icy floors, dangling wires, or unsafe behaviours.

NOTE: This reporting form is monitored Monday to Friday during regular business hours. If you have an emergency, always call 416-776-3033.


Emergency situations: 416-776-3033

Including potential injury, suspicious persons, vandalism and life threatening situations.

Non-emergency: 416-776-3055

Call for urgent non-emergency situations like spills, leaks, or maintenance issues.

Security concerns: 416-776-7381

Call for security concerns like unattended items, gates or doors not closing/securing, or piggybacking.

What happens when you report a safety concern?

When a safety concern is report, we start a 7-step process to assess and address the issue:

  • First response – Thank you for reporting!
  • Risk analysis – How serious is this event?
  • Investigation – What happened?
  • Root cause analysis – Why did this happen?
  • Corrective action – How are we going to fix this?
  • Audit – Did we fix the issue?
  • Feedback – All safe! Thank you for reporting.